How it Works

Erewise, a revision platform for the aspirants of UPSC, SSC, Banking and Others competitive examinations helps you to test and improve your knowledge of current affairs through :

  • Providing regular, relevant and compact feed of 'Facts' and 'information'.
  • Assessing your awareness of current affairs through TESTs
  • We stress on regularity to leave nothing amiss and no stone unturned

Test Features

  • Test are divided into Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Paid categories. On the basis of performance (aggregate score) you are ranked in the given category.
  • Daily Test questions will correspond to the articles and tid-bits (Daily Current Affairs) provided by us on the day before.

- Logging in - To join the test you are supposed to log into your profile. A countdown timer shows the time remaining for the test to start (or to enter "Exam Hall").

- Countdown timer

  • Exam Hall : 30 Minutes prior to starting of any Test you can enter Exam Hall where along with Test Details, you can read instructions for the Test.
  • Join Test : At the scheduled time of test “JOIN TEST link would replace countdown timer, clicking on which Test starts. You are supposed to finish the test within stipulated time, shown by the timer on top right hand corner. The allotted time will vary as per the number of questions in the set.

- Score and ranking : After the test is over, you can see your score of the dayaggregate score till date and corresponding All India Ranking.

- Analysis: You are given analysis of each right options of all the questions, further expanding your knowledge-spectrum. Your Individual Rank , Performance Graph are also provided.


Erewise strives to bring Test Papers/ Study Materials from various Coaching Institutes of India at single Platform i.e. www.erewise.comSome of these may be PAID (requires to be bought before you can access them). In order to buy them and participate in these Tests and all other Credit requiring activities on erewise you need to first buy a suitable Pack using our fully secure Payment Gateway. *(at present only Net Banking option is available. We will soon activate Credit / Debit Card options also).

Transfer to a Friend - Your Friend wants to participate in Tests and does not have access to Net-banking / Debit or Credit Cards ? Do not Worry !!

  • You can Transfer any amount of credit (in 2 simple steps) to your friend out of Total Available Credits in your account. Your friend just need to have a valid email registered with erewise. SEE HOW
- Transactions - List of all your successful / unsuccessful transactions are available in your Profile Account (My Transactions).

- Purchased Test Papers - You can also see the list of all Test Papers purchased by you in your Profile (My purchased Papers)


You can revise and re-revise Erewise papers any number of time (Paid Tests also, once you buy it) and practice already attempted Question sets after the test is over. This  will have no bearing on your Ranking though. Cumulative Marks obtained in the Daily Tests only, will reflect in your Profile and decide your Ranking.


1) TEST WINDOW ("JOIN TEST" LINK, e.g. at 5:00pm for Erewise Daily Tests) WILL REMAIN ACTIVE ONLY FOR FEW MINUTES DEPENDING UPON THE DURATION OF TEST for example,7min.for a set of 10 questions)

2) You can Buy or Join any Test even when the exam is in the progress (i.e. after Join Test link is active). Though it is not encouraged and better would be to buy it beforehand.

3) Once Bought (Paid Tests) or attempted, you can revise the test any number of times by logging in to your profile and check your progression.

4) Only those who participate in Online Tests at scheduled Time (Live Test) will get an All India Rank. Rest others who revise it later can still see their Rank in "Overall Rank" Category.