Willem-Alexander is the new King of Netherland

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Willem-Alexander has become the first King of Netherland in 123 years (since 1890) following Queen Beatrix abdication of throne in favour of her eldest son. April 30th, the day of his proclamation as the King , from now on will be celebrated as King's Day (earlier it was celebrated as Queen's Day).

  • A trained pilot, expert in the field of water management and a member of the International Olympic Committee, he will become Europe's youngest monarch
  • Queen Beatrix ruled for 33 years and now will revert to the title of Princess. Beatrix assumed the throne on April 30, 1980, after her mother Juliana also abdicated.
  • Prince Friso, 44-year-old younger son of queen, suffered a coma after a skiing accident in Austria in February ,2013 and remains unresponsive in a London hospital.
  • In April 2009 -The royal family was attacked (no one was hurt) at a Queen's Day parade event in which a car rammed into spectators, killing 7 along with the driver.


  • Debate about the event's official song, known as the Koningslied, which many considered ill-fitting, with its mix of traditional and rap music.
  • The father of Argentine born Maxima (his wife and would be Queen), Jorge Zorreguieta, was an agriculture minister in the military regime of General Jorge Videla that ruled Argentina with an iron fist in the late 1970s- and early '80s and is known for several human right violation charges. He is neither invited for this ceremony nor was in their 2002 marriage.
  • The monarchy is popular in the Netherlands, but some critics question the huge cost spent on maintaining the royal household and exorbitant tax free salary of the Monarch.

Special Invitees : Britain's Prince Charles, Spain's Prince Felipe and Japan's Prince Naruhito and his wife, Crown Princess Masako
Prime Minister of Netherland: Mark Rutte
Dam Square : place opposite to Royal Palace
Aruba : a Caribbean nation that forms part of the kingdom of the Netherlands

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