Thomas Cup and Uber Cup : Badminton

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The Thomas Cup or Men’s World Team Championships first staged in 1948-49, and the Uber Cup or Women’s World Team Championships first held in 1956-57 (in Lancashire, England), are the oldest major international events conducted by Badminton World Federation, biennially.

Thomas Cup :

  • The idea for the competition and the trophy was by the first President of the BWF, Sir George Thomas who was a legendary player with 21 All England titles.
  • Takes place every two years since 1982 (earlier every three years)

The Uber Cup:

  • Earlier held at three year interval to Thomas cup ,Now finals is held alongside Thomas cup since 1984.
  • Idea for competition by Betty Uber

Out of 27 Thomas Cup held so far ,only three nations have won the title :
Indonesia : 13 times
China        : 9 titles
Malaysia  : 5 titles.

  • The finals of Thomas Cup 2012 was held in Wuhan, China and was won by China.
  • From 2014, the event will be held in a new format as the BWF has decided to do away with the preliminaries. Earlier, continental preliminaries were held at different places and 12 teams made it to the final. However, from next year only finals will be held and the number of teams eligible to be contesting would be 16. Out of the 16, 14 teams will qualify on the basis of their world rankings, while two there would be the holders and the hosts.
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