The Global Information Technology Report 2014

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A global report that shows us the mirror on how good (or bad) we are in utilizing the power of information and communications technologies (ICT) for our growth and wellbeing is out. The 13th edition of this annual report sees India sliding down 15 places to 83rd spot among a total of 148 nations. Not that we are degenarating, its just that other countries have outpaced us to the sidelines despite our overall improvement in digital connectivity.

The Leaders

  • Finland tops the ranking followed by Singapore and Sweden at the second and third place respectively.
  • 90 percent of the population is online in this easternmost scandinavian country.
  • The top position is the result of concerted efforts of governments, business and individuals who have invested heavily in ICT.

India at a glance

  • Last year, the survey conducted on 144 nations had put India at 68 place. 
  • India is the least performing of the BRICS economies lagging in several economic dimensions.
  • The report says that the drop in India's rankings is mainly due to difficulties in improving historical limitations and also because other emerging economies have raced ahead.
  • It furthers add that the emerging South Asian giant's networked readiness profile remains bleak unless the quality of its political, regulatory and business environment is improved alongwith the digital infrastructure.

About the Report

  • The Global Information Technology Report uses public data and surveys to reach conclusion. 
  • It compares nations according to their degree of Internet connectivity, the ease of access by businesses, governments and individuals, and other factors. 
  • Just having great physical IC infrastructure is not enough, it needs to be backed with encouraging political, economical and social environment.
  • The survey is result of concerted efforts of INSEAD, the French business school, the World Economic Forum and Cornell University.

Top 5

  • Finland
  • Singapore 
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Norway

Our Competitors

  • China: 62nd 
  • Brazil: 69th 
  • Mexico: 79th

The Neighbourhood

  • Sri Lanka: 69 
  • Bangladesh: 114th
  • Nepal: 126th
  • Pakistan: 105th

A note

  • The digital divide between emerging and developed economies has been starkly widening as rich countries are moving faster on given parameters.
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