The 25th Arab League Summit concludes

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The 25th Arab League Summit has concluded in Kuwait with the announcement of the "Kuwait Declaration". 

The Declaration

  • Commitment to strenghten relations and sort out differences among Arab states through constructive and transparent dialogues, 
  • The joint declaration pledges to provide all possible supports to countries suffering through political transition unleashed in the wake of Arab Spring.

The crisis in Egypt, conflict in Syria and the Palestinian cause remained high on the summit's agenda.

  • The league expectedly revived its unwavering support for Palestinian cause and hoped for the creation of a Palestinian state soon.
  • (That perhaps remains the sole point all the Arab states still agree on) 

Syrian Civil War

  • The declaration calls on the Syrian government to stop the bloodshed.
  • It, in the same breathe, also roots for a peaceful political solution of the conflict based on Geneva 1. 
  • The announcemrnt also denounce all forms of terrorism and interference in the internal affairs of other countries.


  • The summit took place amidst the undercurrent of strained relations between member nations
  • The ongoing fallout of the Arab Spring uprisings have polarised the region in an unprecedented way. 
  • The Civil war in Syria has split the league in two block where Iraq, Algeria and Lebanon 
  • are supporting the government while others are dead opposed to Assad.
  • On the other hand Saudi Arabia and Qatar find themselves on opposite ends on the issue of Egyptian crisis.
  • Saudi Arabia alongwith the UAE and Bahrain had recently recalled their ambassadors from Qatar who is openly backing islamist like Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
  • They also blame Qatar of meddling in the internal affairs of countries undergoing political upheavel through extending support to Islamist groups and thus endangering regional security.
  • Qatari-Egyptian ties have soured since the Egyptian army ousted Islamist President Mohamed Mursi, who had been supported by Doha, in July after mass protests against his one-year rule.
  • Qatar had pretty close ties with the Egypt's islamist president 'Mohamed Mursi' and his ouster by the army has strained the bilateral ties drastically.

About the Arab League

  • The Arab League is an organization of countries who are predominantly bound by common Arabian language and culture.


  • To boost relations and co-operations among member states to lead them towards a common greater good.


  • It has 22 members including Palestine, which the League regards as an independent state.

Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

  • Highest body: Council 
  • Each member state has one vote
  • The council meets twice a year, in March and September
  • Secretary-general: Nabil el-Arabi: since May 2011
  • Few of the member countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc) are rich in natural oil reserves and thus weild considerable power and influence in world politics. 
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