One Word Substitution

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One Word Substitution
1. That which cannot be read  Illegible
2. That which can be read   Legible
3. That which cannnot be heard  Inaudible
4. That which can be heard  audible
5. A thing kept in memory of an event  Souvenir
6. An Imaginary Ideal   Utopia
7. Seperation from other people to avoid infection  Quarantine
8. Asking everyone for an opinion  Referendum
9. A persons First speech Maiden Speech
10. A game or battle where no pary wins Draw
11. A child born of unlawful marrriage  Bastard
12. A bunch of flowers  Bouquet
13. A written declaration made on an oath Affidavit
14. Animals that live in Water  Aquatic
15. A lover of book  Bibliophile
16. A war of religion Crusade
17. A place where mad men are kept Asylum
18. A decision made by public voting Plebiscite
19. Fit to drink Potable
20. That can be carried in hand Portable
21. Something Spiritual (love) Platonic
22, Literary theft or passing off an  author's original work as one's Plagiarism
23. A short Story with Moral Parable
24. Pledge given by a Prisoner  for temporary release not to escape Parole
25. A remedy for all ills Panacea
26. A style meant to display one's knowledge Pedantic
27. A belief that God is everything Pantheism
28. One who knows all Omniscient
29. One who is all powerful Omnipotent
30. One who is present everywhere Omnipresent
31. Home-sickness, memories of the past Nostalgia
32. A matter written by hand Manuscript
33. An animal that gives milk Mammal
34. A speech or an attempt made  by a person for the first time Maiden
35. Of the moon Lunar
36. A Medicine to counteract Poison Antidote
37. A Medicine which produces insensitivity Anaesthetic
38. A substance that  destroys germs Antiseptic
39. A case in which the sword is kept sheath/scabbard
40. A place for improving ones health Resort
41 An institution for reforming young offenders Reformatory
42 A place where orphans are housed orphanage
43 A place where money is coined Mint
44 A building for lodging of soilders Barrack
45 A place for the collection of dried plants  Herbarium
46 A factory for manufacturing of beer brewery
47 A writer swho steals ideas from others Plagiarist
48. House of Eskimo Igloo
49. A number of stars grouped together Constellation
50 A person's last utterance/Poems/Writings Swan Song
51. Compulsory enlistment for military service Conscription
52. Events presented in order of occurence chronology
53. An act of speaking against religion Blasphemy
54. The life history of a person ( Written by some other person) Biography
55. examination of living tissue Biopsy
56. One that is in a war like mood  Belligerent
57. bearing no name Anonymous
58. A statement accepted as true without proof Axiom
59. The life history of a person written by himself Autobiography
60. Animal that live both on land and sea  Amphibian
61. A story that expresses ideas through symbols Allegory
62. Departure from common rule  Anomaly
63. A story that expresses ideas through symbols Allegory
64. A annual calendar with position of stars Almanac
65. Voluntary giving up of throne in favour of someone Abdiction
66. The animal of a certain region fauna
67. A word no longer in use obsolete
68. Commonplace remarks Platitudes
69. Incapable of being corrected  Incorrigible
70 A religious war  Crusade


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