One Humanity, Shared Responsibility : World Humanitarian Summit 2016

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United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon has released a report dubbed “One Humanity: Shared Responsibility” which urges international community to come together for preventing the destruction of humanitarian laws and to protect civilians in conflict.

The report has been launched as a part of the World Humanitarian Summit, 2016 that will be held from 23 -24 May in Istanbul, Turkey. The theme of this summit will be One Humanity: Shared Responsibility.The Secretary-General has asked international communit to accept and act upon 5 core responsibilities to deliver for humanity. They are :-

⇒ Political leadership to prevent and end conflicts

⇒ Uphold the norms that safeguard humanity

⇒  Leave no one behind

⇒ Change people’s lives 

⇒  Invest in humanity

Political leadership to prevent and end conflicts :

  • It aims at finding adequate political solutions to resolve to conflicts and create a world where there is no bloodshed and suffering.
  • As per the report submitted by the Secretary General, conflicts occupy 80 percent of all humanitarian needs.

Uphold the norms that safeguard humanity :

  • As per the reports every day, millions of civilians are deliberately or indiscriminately killed in wars and other conflicts so the world leaders must come together to protect humanity.
  • The report says that 90 percent of people get killed or injured by the use of explosive weapons.

Leave no one behind :

  • The agenda aims to touch every human life and provide them equal opportunity to grow nad prosper.It also includes empowering all women, men, girls and boys to be agents of positive transformation.
  • Reducing displacement, supporting refugees and migrants.
  • Ending gaps in education and fighting to eliminate sexual violence.

Change people’s lives :

  • The agenda aims at respecting and strengthening local leadership and capacity
  • Anticipating crises
  • Transcending the humanitarian developments

Investing in humanitySharing responsibilities for humanity.

The reports submitted projects the real picture of the human community it says that currently 43 percent of people live in fragile situation and by 2030, the figure is estimated to reach 62 percent.


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