Nuclear Security Summit 2014: A brief

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The 3rd Nuclear Security Summit 2014 has concluded in Hague, Netherlands. The biennial summit, initiated to secure world's nuclear materials from terrorist, was overshadowed by the Russian annexation of Crimea.

Key points of 2014 summit

  • It was held to assess the progress made on resolutions taken in previous summits.
  • 53 countries alongwith 4 observing organizations namely International Atomic Energy Agency, Interpol, EU and UN participated in it.
  • In the backdrop of Crimea crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his Foreign Minister in his place. 
  • North Korea and Iran were other notable absentee.


  • Japan consented to hand over a relatively small part of its nuclear material: highly enriched uranium and plutonium to US. 
  • 35 countries accede to adopt the Nuclear Security Guidelines
  • While 18 countries including India, Russia and Pakistan have refused.
  • 13 nations had so far eliminated their caches of nuclear materials. 
  • It has done a lot in improving the security of nuclear storage facilities across the globe.

Joint Communique

  • It calls for drastic cut in the stocks of highly enriched uranium 
  • It also agrees on separating the plutonium stockpile to the minimum level.
  • It also demand strengthening of global cooperation regime on nuclear safety.


  • A brainchild of US president Barack Obama, It was introduced in 2010 to consolidate efforts to safeguard sensitive nuclear materials from falling in the hands of terrorist.
  • 1st Summit: Washington DC in 2010
  • 2nd Summit: Seoul in 2012
  • Next Summit:: in the US in 2016

Classic Objectives

  • To cut down on the stockpile of dangerous nuclear material in the world
  • To bolster the security of all nuclear and radioactive materials.
  • To enhance global cooperation for better and secure management of such materials.

Gift baskets: A unique concept

  • Any given country can take up a specific security theme and try to project itself as an example to others by improving on that. Its an effort to motivate others to join in the initiative. This move is known as 'Gift baskets' as it prompt others to put something (contribution) in that particular basket (initiative).
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