Now Rail Tickets on Cash-on-Delivery

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You must have enjoyed Pizzas using Cash-on-Delivery mode of payment. Now you can do the same with Rail tickets !!

Indian Railway has taken another significant step to make it easier to attain tickets for offline banking population.

The move will also decongest ticket booking counters across country and reduce the hassle travellers face.

Passengers can now book a rail ticket online and pay for it later when the ticket arrives at their doorsteps.

A large chunk of population is still out of online payment system and like to deal in cash; this initiative is tailor made for them.

This CoD scheme has initially been launched on pilot basis across over 200 cities.

Key Points

  • Tickets have to be booked 5 days prior to commencement of journey.
  • There will be additional delivery charge of Rs 40 for each Sleeper Class ticket; for AC class ticket it goes up to Rs 60.
  • You can avail this initiative either on IRCTC mobile application or on web-portal
  • Anduril Technologies is the authorized agency to provide CoD services through their web-portal is the web-portal of 'Anduril Technologies' - the authorized agency to provide CoD services under this scheme.
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