Modi launches Asia's largest telescope ARIES at Nainital

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel remotely launched Asia's biggest telescope, the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), which was  unveiled at Devasthal in Nainital District, Uttrakahnd.The Aries telescope has been jointly developed by Indian, Russian and Belgian scientist. In March 2007 ARIES and Belgian company 

Advanced Mechanical and Optical Systems (AMOS) had entered a contract for design, manufacture, integration, testing, supply and installation of the telescope. Belgium funded 7 per cent of the project whose total cost is estimated to be more than Rs.120 crore

Asia's largest optical telescope ARIES activated: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Belgian counterpart Cha...

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Location:  "The telescope is located at a height of 2,500 metres at Devasthal in Nainital district. The site was chosen for getting a clear view of the sky. Currently, the Vainu Bappu observatory in Kavalur, Tamil Nadu is home to Asia's largest optical telescope.

Features: The ARIES optical telescope's mirror is 3.6 metres (360 centimetres) in diameter. The high end technology incorporated in the telescope enables it to be operated with the help of remote control from anywhere in the world.

Applications: The telescope will be used in the study and exploration of planets, starts, magnetic field and astronomical debris. It will also help scientists in the research of star structures and magnetic field structures of stars.

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