Indian Railways needs large-scale reform plan

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Two days after the derailment of two passenger trains on flooded tracks in Madhya Pradesh, the relief and rescue operations have already come to a close, Government compensation to the victims or their next of kin has been announced, and soon enough, the other trains that had been diverted from their regular routes will also be back on track. As the situation goes back to normal, the demands for greater rail safety, made in the aftermath of every major rail accident, will be also be filed away — that is, until the next accident happens and a few dozen lives are lost yet again.

This cycle that has to be broken. India needs to make a serious and sustained effort to improve rail safety. This will have to include large-scale upgradation of infrastructure, from train tracks to rail bridges to signaling systems, much of which dates back to the British era. New technologies need to be incorporated, railway employees have to be trained better, and more efficient management practices will have to be put in place. Read more at the pioneer

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