India’s first indigenous Sonar Dome flagged off

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A huge bow mounted sonar dome, for naval warships, manufactured by Goan company Kineco Limited was  flagged off by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. It should be noted that only a couple of companies in the world have the capability to realize such a complex and structurally demanding project in composites. The sonar dome was dedicated to the nation and will be delivered to Mazgaon Docks, Mumbai for use in the warships of Indian Navy.

What is Sonar Dome ?

♦ Sonar (SOund Navigation And Ranging) is a technique that uses sound propagation to navigate, communicate with or detect objects on or under the surface of the water, such as other vessels. Warships have a sonar array fitted to the ship's structure below the waterline. The sonar functions as the ship's underwater eyes and ears. 

♦ The sonar dome is a structure is fitted over the sonar array to make it acoustically transparent in order to avoid exposure of its electronics and sensors to surrounding hostile environment.

Design and Development : The Sonar Dome has been designed by Research and Development Establishment (Engineers), a DRDO laboratory based in Pune and manufactured by Goa-based composites manufacturing company Kineco. Apart from sonar domes, Kineco also manufactures airframe structures for India's strategic missile programmes and is also in the process of developing lightweight carbon fibre bridge structure for military application.

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