India aims for self-sufficiency in Bulk Drugs

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Year 2015 is going to be celebrated as the 'Year of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients' in a reformative step to make India self-sufficient in Bulk Drugs.

What is API or Bulk-Drug ?

  • A 'Bulk-Drug' or API is the chemical element of a medicine which lend the product power to heal ailments.
  • Since the ingredient is biologically active, any anomalies in its quality may also have negative side-effects on the user; thats why it come under tight regulations.
  • Poorly manufactured and contaminated API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) may also lead to death in extreme cases.

Key Points

  • India is overly dependent on import from a single source for basic chemicals, intermediates and APIs for many commonly used medicines.
  • To avoid the price and supply risks and ensure sustained availability of APIs, we need to be self- sufficient in the manufacturing of this vital component.
  • This also is in tune with our ambitious 'Make in India' project.


  • Bulk Drugs constitute the backbone of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the sector needs to be incentivized so as to take on the challenge from cheap imports.
  • In the same regard, Government had set up Katoch Committee to look into various issues concerning the bulk drugs. 
  • Now the recommendations forwarded by the Committee is due for Cabinet's approval. 
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