ICC rewards Germain Katanga with a 12-year jail term

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The International Criminal Court (ICC) claims its second victim since it began operation in 2003. The long hand of law ultimately caught up with the Germain Katanga - a former rebel commander from the DR Congo - for carrying out a massacre in a village in 2003. 

The Verdict

  • He was convicted for arming his ethnic militia group who wreaked the havoc on the innocent villagers killing at least 200 of them.
  • He has been sentenced to 12 years in jail; 7 of which has already been served.
  • The sentence could have been severe, if he was found guilty of other charges like rape, sexual slavery and using child soldiers.

The Arrest

  • He was surrendered to the ICC in 2007 after being arrested by the Congolese authorities the same year.

Points to Know

  • The court's first conviction was of Thomas Lubanga in 2012 for using child soldiers.
  • Incidentally both belong to the same country - DR Congo.

About the Massacre

  • He was a leader of a rebel militia FRPI (Patriotic Resistance Force in Ituri)
  • His team on 24 February 2003, allegedly attacked the village of Bogoro (DR Congo) and unleashed an indiscriminate killing spree.
  • The massacre had claimed at least 200 civilians in addition to the enslaving of women and girls for sexual benefits.
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