History of Joseph Kony and Lord Resistance Army

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Joseph Kony joined the Uganda People's Democratic Army, a rebel alliance formed after Museveni's nascent National Resistance Army came to power in 1986. He became a key ally to Alice Lakwena, an spiritual healer whose following, the Holy Spirit Movement, led the UPDA . After Lakwena suffered a devastating defeat against the Ugandan government in a battle at Jinja, she fled to Kenya and Kony emerged as the leader of the forces causing shift in the rebels' strategy and a new name: the Lord's Resistance Army.

The LRA took to Uganda's north and began to operate almost exclusively against civilian targets, rather than the Ugandan military. Under Kony's control, the LRA used brutal tactics, forcing millions from homes and abducting boys and girls to become fighters or forced "wives" to LRA members. Sponsored in part by the government of Sudan, the LRA conducted operations in both the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, though activity in the latter has almost ceased due to the forging of a comprehensive peace between north and south and the creation of an independent South Sudan.

In 2005, Kony was indicted by the International Criminal Court for leading the LRA. Though not fully endorsed by international observers, Museveni won Uganda's two recent multi-party elections and thus pursued kony , both by Ugandan troops - including ex-LRA fighters - and now by a contingent of about 100 American "combat-ready" special forces.

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