Google acquires Satellite maker Skybox Imaging for $500 million

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With an eye on improving its online mapping service, Google has bought out Satellite maker Skybox Imaging for $500 million.

Points to Note

  • The purchase will help it expand global internet access to the remotest corner of the world.
  • It will also come handy in providing communication-based relief services during disasters.
  • The 5-year old start-up builds and sends small satellites into space.
  • Its first high-resolution satellite, SkySat-1, is already operational in space.
  • The satellites offer high quality images, both moving and stills, in real-time which can even track single cars travelling along a road.
  • What sets Skybox apart from the statrt-ups offering similar services is its ability to capture video.
  • Google, like another internet giant Facebook are engaging in efforts to improve internet access globally through drones, balloons, and satellites.


  • The move is another step into that direction after the April purchase of the solar-powered drone maker Titan Aerospace.
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