Global Food Index 2014

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India occupies a disappointing 97th spot in the recently (Jan 2014) published 'Global Food Index 2014' that listed 125 countries with adequate available data. The Netherlands emerges as the country with the most nutritious, plentiful and healthy food leaving France and Switzerland behind at the joint second place. 

Key Points

  • The Index namely “Good Enough to Eat” has been compiled by the UK-based international relief and development organization 'Oxfam'.
  • Countries were ranked on the quality, availability and affordability of food and dietary health
  • Parameters like food diversity, access to clean water, Obesity, diabetes and percentage of underweight children were factored in to get the final tally.
  • India with Pakistan, Bangladesh and Laos languishes in the bottom 30 - a notorious list dominated by Africa with 26 nations.

A Reminder

  • Lowest levels of obesity and diabetes in the world: Cambodia and Burundi
  • Highest levels of obesity and diabetes in the world: United States, Mexico, Fiji, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
  • The countries with the worst rates of malnourishment and underweight children:  Burundi, Yemen, Madagascar and India. 

Top 3

  • Netherlands
  • France: 2nd
  • Switzerland: 2nd

Bottom 3

  • Chad: 125
  • Ethiopia: 124
  • Angola: 123


  • India: 97
  • Russia: 44
  • China: 57
  • Brazil: 25

Major Powers

  • US & Japan: 21
  • UK 13
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