El Salvador gets a new President in Salvador Sanchez Ceren

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Salvador Sanchez Ceren has been sworn in as the new President of El Salvador.  

The Result:

  • He won the presidency by pipping conservative Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) party candidate Norman Quijano with less than a quarter of a percentage point.
  • He is now the fourth former leftist rebel leader to be elected president in Latin America after Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, Jose Mujica in Uruguay, and Dilma Rousseff in Brazil.
  • He, a former schoolteacher turned rebel commander, now leads the tiny central American country grappling with slow economy and high crime, fueled by gang violence and drug trafficking.
  • He replaces Mauricio Funes  as such for a 5-year term ending in 2019.

About Him

  • He was a rebel commander of the FMLN, the leftist group that battled U.S.-backed governments during El Salvador's 12-year-long civil war.
  • The fighting killed about 76,000 people before a 1992 peace agreement.
  • Despite his leftist leaning relations with US is not likely to deteriorate as large chunk of people running in few lacs, earn their livelihood in US as migrant workers.

Country Profile

  • Its the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America. 
  • Area: 21,040 square km (Size of Kerala)
  • Population (2009 census): 57 lacs (little less than Himachal Pradesh)
  • Capital and the largest city: San Salvador
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