Egypt's Constitutional court rejects draft election laws

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Egypt’s High Constitutional Court (HCC) declared five articles of a draft election law to as unconstitutional and sent the text back to the Shura Council for redrafting that may delay  parliamentary poll due in April. The law to regulate upcoming elections was drafted by the Shura Council, the Upper House of Parliament, which is currently endowed with legislative powers following the dissolution of the People’s Assembly in June 2012(by a HCC order), and was presented to the HCC for approval before which it must be ratified by the President.

The court found irregularities in articles pertaining to the delineation of constituencies and  number of seats allocated to each governorate to be more proportionate to their population sizes. The Shura Council will have to add amendments to the article before February 25. The Constitution stipulates that the law must be approved by the court within 45 days of it being passed by the Shura Council.

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