Dedicated Freight Corridor : Rail route towards logistics transformation

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  • Under the Eleventh Five Year Plan of India(2007–2012), Ministry of Railways is constructing a new Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) covering about 3300 route km long two routes - the Eastern Corridor from Ludhiana in Punjab to Dankuni in West Bengal and the Western Corridor from Jawaharlal Nehru Port, in Mumbai, Maharashtra to Tughlakabad, Delhi/Dadri along with interlinking of two corridors at Khurja in Uttar Pradesh. Upgrading of transportation technology, increase in productivity and reduction in unit transportation cost are the focus areas for the project
  • Government of India, Ministry of Railways has framed Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL)  to undertake planning & development, mobilisation of financial resources and construction, maintenance and operation of the Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFCC). DFCCIL has been registered as a company under the Companies Act 1956 on 30 October 2006
  • DFCC is currently building 3,000 km of double track freight-specific lines from Ludhiana in Punjab to Dankuni in West Bengal as the Eastern DFC and from Dadri in Uttar Pradesh to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) in Navi Mumbai as the Western DFC. The project, being built at a cost of Rs 81,459 crore, is aimed at relieving the congested rail network by separating freight traffic from passenger lines.
  • “Around 85 per cent of land required has been acquired and complete funding tied up. Contracts worth Rs 17,000 crore have been awarded in the past eight months since October 2014 against Rs 13,000 crore of contracts awarded between 2006 and 2014,” said Sharma, adding that apart from the small 56-km-long pilot, the project will be commissioned in phases between 2017 and December 2019.
  • DFCC would purchase 200 locomotives from Japanese company Hitachi and that order was being finalised at the Railway Board. Around half of these locomotives will be manufactured in India. When commissioned, the eastern and the western arms will divert freight traffic from the Indian Railways and push rail’s share of freight from the existing 36 per cent to 45 per cent by 2019.

Sanctioned Dedicated Freight Corridors

  1. Western Dedicated Freight Corridor, (Dadri, Uttar Pradesh to Jawaharlal Nehru Port, Mumbai (1,468 km).
  2. Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor, (Ludhiana, Punjab to Dankuni, West Bengal  (1,760 km).

Planned Dedicated Freight Corridors

  1. East-West Dedicated Freight Corridor - connecting Kolkata and Mumbai, 2,000 km-long
  2. North-South Dedicated Freight Corridor - connecting Delhi and Chennai, 2,173 km long
  3. East Coast Dedicated Freight Corridor - connecting Kharagpur with Vijayawada, 1,100 km East Coast corridor
  4. South-West Dedicated Freight Corridor - connecting Chennai and Goa, 890 km-long
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