Benjamin Netanyahu likely to be Israel PM; again

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Israel has delivered a surprise victory to the incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party.

His party has emerged as the single largest party and is sure to lead the next coalition government.

He has been in power since 2009, and this victory will give him another 4-year term as such - his 4th overall as the premier of this Jewish nation.

The rightist slant of the mandate may derail the peace plan with Palestine as the new dispensation will no longer need the support of liberal left - part of erstwhile government.

Key Points

  • The Parliamentary (Knesset) election employ proportional representation system of vote where parties get seats depending on their vote share, unlike the first-past-the-pole method used in India.
  • Being a multi-party system, this result in no single party getting majority most of the time.
  • The whole country is treated as a single constituency and vote percent decide which party will take what fraction of the 120-seat Parliament (Knesset).
  • Likud Party with 30 seats is most likely to form the government in coalition with other similar right-leaning parties.

The Prospect

  • The prospect of any breakthrough on the Palestinian matter gets close to nil; given the less-conciliatory (hostile) ideology of the coalition towards its neighbour.
  • The stand on Iran and its nuclear program will also toughen up.
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