12 March 1993 the darkest day in the history of "Aamchi Mumbai"

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Friday, 12 March 1993 was darkest day in the history of  Mumbai at 1:30 pm when folks of Mumbai were busy there was blood game being planned by cruel and inhuman terrorists to destroy Mumbai and turn the life of its people toward complete darkness and give them incurable pain.

The bombs were timed and placed to create maximum havoc and create a major rip in the communal fabric of the city and the nation.and this blood game was being plotted by Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim his right hand chota sakeeel and Tiger Memon .It is widely believed that D-Company executed it on behest of ISI. 

But such a big plan was not possible without a masterpalnner and the role of masterplanner was played by Yakub Abdul Razak Memon who was a chartered accountant by profession and was owning a chartered accountancy firm 'Mehta & Memon Associates' with his childhood friend Chetan Mehta and a export company 'Tejrath International' to export meat products to the Persian Gulf region and Middle East

Memon financially assisted his brother Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim in planning and executing the bombings.Memon allegedly 
handled Tiger's funds, funded the training of 15 youths who were sent to Pakistan to learn the art of handling arms and ammunition, purchased the
vehicles used in the bombings, and stockpiled weapons

On 12 March 1993 Dawood Ibrahim and his time turned their blood game plan in to action the first bomb went off at 1:30 pm in the basement of the Bombay Stock Exchange building. From 1:30 pm to 3:40 pm a total of 13 bombs exploded throughout Mumbai including at Fisherman`s Colony in Mahim, Plaza Cinema, Zaveri Bazaar, Katha Bazaar, Hotel Sea Rock, Hotel Juhu Centaur, Air India building,Sahar Airpot, Worli, and Passport office, besides BSE.

Most bombs were planted in cars or scooters. In the hotels, suitcase bombs were left in the rooms.The 1993 bombings left at least 250 dead and over 700 injured, making these one of the bloodiest terror attacks

Recruitment of senior operatives is believed to have been done in Pakistan and Dubai. The chosen men are said to have received training in handling arms and making explosives in Pakistan.

The blasts created a difference in the underworld gang of Mumbai dividing it on communal lines. Immediately after the blasts, the Hindu members of D-company like Chhota Rajan and Sadhu Shetty left Dawood’s gang.

It was really a headache for Mumbai police to trace the roots of the bombings but no matter how clever a criminal is but he always commits a mistake and Terrorist of 1993 bombings did the same thing the number plate of one of the car in which bomb was planted belonged to Memon's family Mumbai Police got the clue and started it's operation and also found the key of scooter that was used in bombings lying in Memon's house.

Many hundreds of people were arrested and detained in Indian courts. In 2006, 100 of the 129 finally accused were found to be guilty and were convicted by Justice PD Kode of the specially designated TADA court.On 12 September 2006, the special TADA court hearing the case convicted four members of the Memon family for their involvement in the 1993 Mumbai bombings.

It was found that Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon, Chota Sakeel,Yakub Memon and most of the accused had already flown away and belived that they got shelter in Pakistan.

Except for Tiger and his brother Ayub, the entire family returned to India and were promptly arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation in 1994. Since then, Yakub was in custody and is undergoing treatment for depression. The Memon family was subsequently tried in court and found guilty of conspiracy

The Indian Central Bureau of Investigation claimed that Memon was arrested at New Delhi railway station on 5 August 1994. However, Memon claimed that he surrendered to police in Nepal on the 28 July 1994

Finally on June 30, 2015 the families that had lost their love got their first insallment of their Judgement when Brother of Tiger Memon, the “mastermind” behind the blasts, Yakub was hanged in the Nagpur central prison

Yakub was executed on the day he turned 53, and a day before his daughter Zubaida was to turn 22 he could not see his family for 22 yearstrials and investigations became his daily routine and this is not only the destiny of Yakub Memon but it is the destiny of all those whoplotted 1993 Mumbai bomb blast and the victims will get full judgement when Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon will meet the same fate.

Those humanitarian organisations which show their sympathy for yakub memon or any terrorist must choose a proper poster boy who deserves mercy he destroyed many dreams and gave incurable pain to all those families who lost their dear ones. 


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