Current Affairs, News & Facts of 28 Oct 2014

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  • Govt names three industrialists on black money.
    • Pradip burman-former director of dabur group.
    • Pankaj chimanlal lodhiya-owner of shreeji trading company.
    • Radha s. timblo-director, timblo pvt ltd.
  • Dilma rousseff elected for 2nd term as the president of brazil.
    • She won narrowly with 51.64% votes.
    • She is the 1st women president of the world 7th largest economy.
  • Japans Softbank a telecom giant to invest $10 b in india.
    • Its area of investment would be in india’s IT and communication spaces.
    • It will also look for opportunities in telecom and the fast growing e-commerce sector in india.
    • The deal was committed after PM Narendra modi’s visit to japan.
  • World banks predicts 5.6% growth this fiscal year for India
    • It also predicted that for the fiscal year 2015-16 and 2016-17 growth will be 6.4% and 7% respectively.
    • It also said that implementing GST will transform india into a common market, eliminate Inefficient tax cascading and will boost manufacturing sector.
    • It said Systematic dismantling of inter-state check post, can dramatically boost competitiveness.
    • Long term growth potential in india remains high on favourable demographics, high savings and recent govt. policy to improve skills and education.
  • According to scientists gangotri rapidly disintegrating.
    • The team observed that the disintegration on the right side of the snout of gangotri is taking place at a rapid rate.
    • Rapid melting of the Raktvarn, Chaturangi, and Thelu — tributary glaciers of the Gangotri, which are placed at a higher altitude than the Gangotri and are towards its right — as the reason behind the heavy disintegration.
  • clear about 30 bills in winter session.
    • Which includes important bills like insurance amendment bill, the constitutional amendment bill of GST, and LBA (land border agreement) with Bangladesh.
    • The key issue for constitutional amendment bills are that NDA is well short of majority in the rajya sabha.

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