Current Affairs, News & Facts of 24 Jan 2014

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  • South Sudan inks a ceasefire deal with rebels aiming to halt the bloodied civil war that has killed thousands of soldiers and civilians in the world's newest nation.  
    • The deal is supposed to establish a verification and monitoring mechanism for the truce and allow unrestricted access to aid workers.
  • Viscera test is a must in all death cases where poisoning is suspected: Supreme Court  
    • The ruling came in the wake of rising number of acquittal in death by poisoning cases due to lack of forensic evidence.
    • The test includes thorough checking of the internal organs of the body, specifically those within the chest (as the heart or lungs) or abdomen (as the liver, pancreas or intestines).
  • Kerala bags the prestigious United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s Ulysses Award for “innovation in public policy and governance”. 
    • The award, a first ever for India, recognizes sustainable and eco-friendly efforts in tourism.
  • Cumbria University of UK becomes the first public university to accept fees in digital currency 'Bitcoin'.    
    • Bitcoin is an online currency and payment system which enables the international transmission of funds. 
    • Its also called “cryptocurrency” for using cryptography as its security feature.
  • SJVN`s flagship 1500 MW Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Power Station has been awarded `Silver Shield` for the year 2012-13 by the Ministry of Power.    
    • It was the 3rd consecutive award for SJVN after `Gold Shield` in 2010-11 and `Bronze Shield` in the year 2011-12.
    • SJVN is a joint venture between Governments of India and Himachal Pradesh in the field of Thermal and Wind Power Generation.
  • National Science Centre, New Delhi gets ‘Innovation Hub’ which aims to encourage children to imagine and explore through science and technology.  
    • The government is working on a scheme to launch 100 such innovation hubs across the country. 
  • World Economic Forum’s Crystal Award 2014 given. - read more cat
  • Indian-origin academician Rakesh Khurana, 46, is the new dean of Harvard College. He succeeds Evelynn Hammonds as such
  • Kashmiri-origin Neel Kashkari, hero of bank bailout, is to run for California governor's post.
    • Louisiana's Bobby Jindal and South Carolina's Nikki Haley, are other two indian american to be governors.

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