Current Affairs, News & Facts of 22 Nov 2015

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  • Chinese Navy conducts drills in South China Sea


    Chinese Navy conducts drills in South China Sea


    • The Chinese navy has conducted drills in the South China Sea, employing major destroyers and frigates, carrier-based helicopters and new submarines.The exercise was based out of the Sanya training base of the People's Liberation Army Navy, focusing on anti-submarine warfare.
    • Naval forces from three fleets conducted "fierce rivalry" in several different waters and have achieved projected objectives and the the drill has vigorously improved the navy's anti-submarine combat abilities based on informationalized systems.

    Strategic importance of the drill :-

    • China claims sovereignty over south china sea which is challenged by U.S,Japan and other super powers. China is building artificial island in south china sea but United States has called for a halt to China's artificial island building, and in recent weeks has tried to signal its determination to challenge Beijing over the disputed sea by sending military ships and planes near the islands.
    • Through this drill forces have shown "enormous restraint" in the face of U.S. provocations in the South China Sea, while warning they stand ready to respond to repeated breaches of Chinese sovereignty.
  • Syrian journalist Zaina Erhaim wins 2015 Reporters without Borders Prize


    Syrian journalist Zaina Erhaim wins 2015 Reporters without Borders Prize


    A UK-based Syrian journalist, Zaina Erhaim has won the prestigious 2015 Reporters without Borders Prize for her defence of press freedom.She went to war-torn Syria and reported about the inhuman torture faced by innocent Syrians and trained over 100 citizen reporters.Her efforts have led to the emergence of a number of independent newspapers and magazines. 

    Facts about Reporters without Borders Prize :-

    Reporters Without Borders (RWB) prize is an annual award established in 1992 by Paris (France) based NGO Reporters Without Borders (RWB).The prize is bestowed upon journalists who have made a significant contribution to the defence and promotion of press freedom.

  • India, China vow to fight terror, transnational crime


    India, China vow to fight terror, transnational crime


    China and India have vowed to deepen cooperation in combating terrorism and fighting transnational crime.The breakthrough was achieved after Home Minister Rajnath Singh held talks with Meng Jianzhu, head of the Commission for Political and Legal Affairs (CPLA) of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on a wide range of issues.

    • Singh is the first Indian Home Minister to visit China in a decade. Shivraj Patil was the last Home Minister who had visited China in 2005. His visit comes in the backdrop of steady improvement of relations between the two countries while streamlining mechanisms to address the vexed border dispute.
    • Singh would travel to the eastern metropolis of Shanghai on Saturday where he would meet the top CPC and security officials and address a meeting of the Indian Association of Shanghai. 
  • US house passes bill to restrict entry of Syrian, Iraqi refugees



    • The U.S. House of Representatives has passed legislation to  tighten security screenings for Syrian and Iraqi refugees and suspend President Barack Obama's program to admit 10,000 of them in the next year. The bill follows the attacks in Paris that left 129 people dead, claiming to the be the work of Islamic State.
    • The bill was overwhelmingly voted by 289 in favour to 137 opposed and bill now needs to be passed by the Senate.The seeks to impose more stringent security provisions on already robust screening of Iraqi and Syrian refugees entering US.The legislation suspend the entry of Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the U.S. for months or years.

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