Current Affairs, News & Facts of 22 Aug 2014

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  • Prayuth Chan-ocha, Army Chief of Thailand, takes over as the Prime Minister of the nation.  
    • He, the only candidate for the post, was never supposed to face any resistance from the 197-member legislature handpicked by himself.
    • The council voted him through with 191 votes in favour while the remaining chose to be absent. 
    • He had earlier seized power in May this year, ousting a democratically elected government in a bloodless coup. 
  • Ex-Irish prime minister 'Albert Reynolds', who played a key role in forging peace in Northern Ireland, dies aged 81.  
    • He was instrumental in signing of peace treaty 'Downing Street Declaration' in 1993 with British counterpart John Major.
    • The agreement paved the way for lasting peace through Irish Republican Army cease-fire followed by another with Loyalist forces.
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  • Cyril Baldock becomes the oldest person to cross the English Channel at the age of 70  
    • The Australian took about 12 hours and 45 minutes to cover the waterway that separates England from France.
    • Its his second successful swim after the one in 1985.
  • World’s first eco-friendly Hindu temple comes up in London, UK.   
    • Shree Swaminarayan Mandir, located at Kingsbury of northwest London, features solar panels on its roof and a rainwater harvesting system.
  • Bangladesh decides to be a part of BRICS development Bank.  
    • The bank, called 'New Development Bank', is an initiative of the five emerging economies of the world namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

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