Current Affairs, News & Facts of 21 May 2014

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  • Antarctic ice loss has doubled over the last decade.  
    • Antarctica is now shedding 160 billion tonnes a year of ice into the ocean which is adding to the rising sea levels driven by climate change.
    • The report compares the height of ice between the timeframe 2005-10 & 2010-13. 
    • The observation by the European Space Agency’s CryoSat-2 satellite paints a grim picture by demonstrating that even the east Antarctica is now losing ice in addition to the western part.
    • The collapse of the western Antarctica ice sheet is already underway and unstoppable.
    • That alone will eventually cause up to 4 metres of sea-level rise, devastating low-lying and coastal areas around the world.
  • Malawi holds Presidential election.  
    • Analysts rank incumbent President Joyce Banda (People's Party) as favourite because of her popularity in rural areas where she has been rolling out development projects and farm subsidies.
    • Her main challenger is Lazarus Chakwera, leader of the Malawi Congress Party.
  • Naveen Patnaik sworn-in as Odisha Chief Minister for the fourth straight term.  
    • Also the president of his party, Biju Janata Dal (BJD), he is the longest serving CM of the state (March 2000 - present).

    Anandiben Patel is set to be anointed the new Chief Minister of Gujarat.

    • She has been currently serving as the minister for revenue, roads and buildings and urban development in the state.
  • India observes Anti-Terrorism Day on May 21.   
    • The annual day marks the death anniversary of country’s former prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi in 1991.
    • He was assasinated in a suicide bombing carried out by LTTE (Tamil rebels) of Sri Lanka in Tamil Nadu on that fateful day.
  • Indian batsman Virat Kohli is the 2nd most marketable athletes worldover as per the British magazine 'SportsPro'.  
    • The list was based on value for money, age, home market, charisma, willingness to be marketed and crossover appeal.
    • He is the only Indian sportsperson to feature in the list topped by Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton.
    • The list also includes Christiano Ronaldo (4) Usain Bolt (6), Neymar (7), Lionel Messi (11), Novak Djokovic (15), Andy Murray (21), Rory McIlroy (24), Sebastian Vettel (27) and Victoria Azarenka (31).
  • The Plenary Session of the 67th World Health Assembly concludes in Geneva, Switzerland.  
    • The theme for general discussion this year was “The link between climate and health”.
    • Dr Roberto Ojeda is the current President of the World Health Assembly, 2014.
  • China plays host to the 4th CICA Summit in Shanghai. - read more cat

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