Current Affairs, News & Facts of 19 Feb 2016

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  • Rio Haryanto becomes Indonesia’s first F1 Driver


    Rio Haryanto becomes Indonesia’s first F1 DriverRio Haryanto will become Indonesia's first Formula One driver this season after signing a deal with British motor racing company "Manor Motorsport". He is all set to make his debut in Australia on March 20 and will start testing in Spain next week. Haryanto replaced the Briton Will Stevens, who failed to score a point in 18 starts last year.

    He won the Formula BMW Pacific in 2009 and spent four years competing in GP2 winning three races in 2015. Haryanto is sponsored by Indonesian oil company Pertamina.

    He will also be third Southeast Asian driver to compete in Formula One since the championship started in 1950. The others were Malaysian Alex Yoong, with Minardi in 2001-2002, and Thailand's Prince Bira (Birabongse Bhanudej) in the 1950s.

  • Robin Chaurasiya shortlisted for Global teacher prize 


    Robin Chaurasiya shortlisted for Global teacher prize Robin Chaurasiya, the  founder of a non-profit organisation "Kranti" in Mumbai that educates girls from the city’s red light areas has been shortlisted for a $1 million global prize for teachers. 

    The top 10 teachers have been selected from 8,000 nominations and applications from 148 countries from around the world. The prize will be announced at a ceremony in Dubai on March 13. The list of 10 shortlisted teachers includes teachers from the United States, Britain, Finland, Australia, Kenya, Japan, the Palestinian Territories and Pakistan. 

    Robin Chaurasiya

    Chaurasiya, 30, was born in Los Angeles and served with the US Air Force for several years. She holds master's degree in gender studies and volunteered with an anti-trafficking NGO in Uganda before coming to Mumbai. 

    She set up the NGO, Kranti in 2011 that educates daughters of sex workers from Mumbai's Kamathipura area and victims of human trafficking, between the ages of 12 and 20. She calls her students as krantikaries (revolutionaries) who will go on to become peer teachers and community leaders.

  • Make in India week : Tata Unveils the First India-Made Robot ‘Brabo’


    Make in India week : Tata Unveils the First India-Made Robot ‘Brabo’TAL Manufacturing Solutions,  a 100 percent subsidiary of TATA Motors, has unveiled India's first indigenous robot " Tata Brabo" during the Make In India Week at Mumbai. However,  the robot will be launch in the market in the next two months.

    Brabo has been developed in-house by a team of six engineers whose average age is 24 years, led by Anil Bhingurde, chief operating officer of TAL Manufacturing Solutions at an  development cost of about Rs 10 crore.

    TAL Manufacturing Solutions : It is one of the leading companies in India, that has successfully delivered manufacturing solutions for over 40 years to customers in Automotive and Heavy Engineering and even in Aerospace and Defence sectors.

  • Ministry of Information and Broadcasting releases India, Bharat 2016 Reference Annual books


    Ministry of Information and Broadcasting releases India, Bharat 2016 Reference Annual booksUnion Minister for Information & Broadcasting Arun Jaitley released the print and digital versions of 'India 2016' and 'Bharat 2016 '. The Annual Reference Book is an asset and a repository of information for all stakeholders which provides detailed information on various schemes and projects of Government and its various departments. It is particularly important for competitive exams.

    The electronic version for both the yearbooks has also been launched for the first time. The E versions will be cheaper and easier to store and will be priced at 75% of the print book cost.

    'India 2016' deals with all aspects of development from rural to urban, industry to infrastructure, science and technology, art and culture, economy, health, defence, education and mass communication.

  • Renowned vocalist Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan passes away


    Renowned vocalist Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan passes awayEminent Hindustani classical singer Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan passed away in Kolkata, following old-age related ailments. He was 107. He was also a prolific writer and poet and has writtern around 2,000 compositions under the pseudonym 'Rasan Piya'.

    Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan

    Khan was born on 19 August 1908, in Gwalior gharana gayaki. His father Chhote Yusuf Khan was his guru. He got extensive taleem from his family elders and later developed this style suiting his own artistic sensitivity.

    Khan's traditional compositions have been recorded by the BBC and Iraq Radio. Organizations like Uttar Pradesh Sangeet Natak Academi, Lucknow and ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata have recorded and preserved many compositions. He was a resident guru at the ITC Sangeet Research Academy in the city for the past 20 years.

    Awards and honours : He was the recipient of Padma Bhushan in 2013 and Sangeet Natak Akademi award (2009), Lifetime achievement award (2013) by Government of NCT of Delhi.

  • Tata Motors, Bharat Forge tie up for $11-bn defence bid


    Tata Motors, Bharat Forge tie up for $11-bn defence bidTata Motors, Bharat Forge and General Dynamics have tied up to bid for the $11 billion (Rs 78,000 crore) project of making combat infantry vehicles for the Indian Army under the Future Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) Programme. The project is touted as India’s largest indigenous defense program.

    Tata Power, Larsen & Toubro, Mahindra & Mahindra, Rolta, Pipavav, Bharat Forge, Punj Lloyd and Titagarh Wagons are the other bidders to the FICV project. Since Tata Motors and Bharat Forge, the two of the front runners have joined hands, the number of total bidders has come down to 9 from 10 and the alliance have high chances of getting the project.

    Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV)

    The FICV is an amphibious, tracked, armoured vehicle, operated by a crew of only three including commander, gunner and driver with an additional capacity to carry 7 fully equipped infantrymen.

    The weight of the vehicle will be kept at around 20 tonnes  so that it can be airlifted and dropped in combat zones while being armed with anti-tank guided missiles with range up to four kms. The FICVs will replace Indian Army's fleet of obsolete 2610 Russian BMP-2 carriers.

  • Khurja Yard gets Ultra Modern Computer based Signalling System 


    Khurja Yard gets Ultra Modern Computer based Signalling System Indian Railway Project Management Unit (IRPMU), an arm of North Central Railway in association with the Construction and open line Units of the Railway has commissioned an ultra modern computer-based signaling system at the Khurja junction,  a city famous for pottery in Uttar Pardesh.

    With this commissioning, the Khurja Yard, which is a part of the Allahabad Railway Division, will have a 256 possible movements leading to immense flexibility and faster clearance of trains since the train path will be cleared by a central operator with click of a mouse on the VDU(Visual Display Unit). The VDU will display online position of each train in the complete Khurja Yard of 4.5 Km including adjoining track portions which ensures safety of trains.

    Salient features of the signaling system

    This re-signaling work has been executed as part of the project of Modernization of Signalling and telecommunication System on Ghaziabad – Kanpur section of Indian Railways costing Rs. 440cr funded by German Development Bank.

    The major components of the project are :

    • Replacement of worn out Signalling Gears at 47 stations
    • Automatic Signalling enables multiple trains between two stations thereby enhancing line capacity
    • Dedicated Global System of Mobile (GSM) for railways enabling secured communication between driver, guard, station master and controllers.
  • NASA finds 'Super-Earth' Atmosphere for First Time


    NASA finds 'Super-Earth' Atmosphere for First TimeAstronomers at NASA, working with the ESA and the University College London,  have found a super-Earth exoplanet dubbed 55 Cancri e, with an atmosphere , that, for the first time, they can analyse. 

    Facts to know :

    The observation was made with the Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3)  on board the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. It is about 40 light years away from Earth.

    Unfortunately, 55 Cancri e  probably doesn't support life because it is located extremely close to its planet star, which heats its surface to a staggering 2,000 degrees Celcius and a year there lasts 18 Earth-hours. 

    Its atmosphere largely consists of hydrogen (H) and helium (He) which  are common elements in young solar systems as those are the elements that make up young stars.

    Super-earths : Super-earths are simply rocky planets that are bigger than the Earth. In this case, it is eight times bigger than Earth.

  • Indian origin scientist discovers discovers fast Tin Monoxide conductor to replace silicon


    Indian origin scientist discovers discovers fast Tin Monoxide conductor to replace siliconA team led by an Indian-origin scientist Ashutosh Tiwai has discovered a new kind of 2D semiconducting material "Tin Monoxide (SnO) conductor"  that will replace traditional silicon conductor. The 2D semiconducting material for electronics will opens the door for much speedier computers and smartphones that consume less power. 

    Tin Monoxide (SnO) conductor : It is made of two elements tin and oxygen, or tin monoxide (SnO). It is layer of 2D material with thickness of only one atom which allows electrical charges to move through it much faster than conventional 3D materials such as silicon. 

    Applications : This can be used in transistor which is the lifeblood of all electronic devices such as computer processors and graphics processors in desktop computers and mobile devices.

    Currently, transistors and other components used in electronic devices are made of 3D materials such as silicon and consist of multiple layers on a glass substrate but the downside to 3D materials is that electrons bounce around inside the layers in all directions.The benefit of 2D materials is that the material is made of one layer the thickness of just one or two atoms. 


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