Current Affairs, News & Facts of 12 Sep 2014

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  • Fighting comes to a halt in eastern Ukraine with signing of ceasefire agreement with rebels at Minsk.  
    • The 12-point humanitarian deal, also called Minsk Agreement, between the government and pro-Russian separatist has been brokered by Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
    • Both sides have consented to make efforts to find a political solution to the conflict through negotiations.
    • The accord mandates; creation of humanitarian corridor for refugees and aid, prisoner exchange and rebuilding work in conflict zones.
  • 'Montreal Protocol' pulls off a coup; restores most of the Ozone Layer  
    • A latest UN report shows that holes in the ozone layer are shrinking and its almost reached at the level it was before the signing of this landmark agreement in 1987.
    • The atmospheric layer protects us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and spare us from resultant harms.
  • 46 percent of girls in South Asia are married off before 18: UNICEF  
    • 18 percent are not even allowed to cross 15.
    • Poverty, illiteracy and pervasive all-around inequalities are blamed as the primary cause.
  • World Bank holds 2nd 'World Reconstruction Conference' in Washington (US).  
    • The meet aims to share innovative approaches for post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. 
    • The first World Reconstruction Conference was held in Geneva in May 2011.
  • 58% of population is below the age of 29 years in India.  
    • 93% of the workforce belong to unorganised Sector. 

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