Current Affairs, News & Facts of 11 Jul 2015

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  • ISRO makes history by launching five British satellites
    • Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) made history by launching five British satellites from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre.It was the heaviest commercial launch since its inception.
    • Indian Space Research Organisation’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C28) launched five satellites,weighing 1,440 kg for a United Kingdom-based company
    • PSLV C-28 launched three identical mini satellites of the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC), besides two technology demonstrators — CBNT-1 and  De-OrbitSail for Surrey Space Technology Limited into the intended orbits
    • The three DMC3 satellites, each weighing 447 kg, were launched into a Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO) using the high-end version of PSLV-XL.
    • The satellites were launched as part of an arrangement to between DMC International Imaging (DMCii), a wholly owned subsidiary of SSTL, UK and Antrix Corporation Limited.The PSLV had earlier launched 40 satellites for 19 countries.

    Facts about DMC3 satellites:-

    • The DMC3 constellation Comprises of three advanced mini satellites DMC3-1, DMC3-2 and DMC3-3 which is designed to address the need for simultaneous highspatial resolution and high temporal resolution optical Earth Observation. These satellites will be positioned with a separation of 120 degree between them
    • They are aimed at capturing any target on the Earth’s surface every day and are expected to help in surveying resources, environment and urban infrastructure, besides its primary aim of monitoring disasters.
  • IIT Roorkee expells 73 students for poor grades

    Yes, it takes a real hard effort to get in to IIT's but getting in to IIT doesnot gurantee that one is safe for 4 years and has a bright future waiting for him 
    so he can enjoy at full notch keeping his books aside.

    • IIT Roorkee has expelled 73 students for faring badly in the first year B Tech programme, scoring less than 5 in the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
    • The expulsion was carried out after taking into account their mercy plea which was rejected by the institute's apex academic body
    • During the admission, the parents had signed declaration that the poor performance could lead to expulsion of the students
    • The institute had warned the students in May to pull up their socks, after the second semester exams, and they were given time to file a mercy appeal
    • IITs are autonomous bodies, governed by their own rules so HRD Ministry officials maintained silence over the episode
    • Students have been expelled from IITs but taken back, except in one instance each in IIT, Kharagpur and IIT, Kanpur.
  • Pakistan and India have became permanent members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)
    • Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is a political, economic and military organisation dominated by Russia and China which also includes former Soviet republics in Central Asia.
    • The Beijing-based SCO currently has China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan as members and Now India and Pakistan.
    • India, was having an observer status for the past 10 years currently Afghanistan, Iran and Mongolia has observer status.
    • Membership in the group potentially offers Pakistan and India greater access to the energy resources of Central Asia.
  • Akash Missile Inducted into IAF

    Indigenously-developed supersonic surface-to-air missile Akash has been inducted in Indian Air Force (IAF). Akash missile already has been included in Indian Army. It was inducted in Army in May 2015. In a function held here at the Maharajpur Air Force Station, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar handed over "Aakash" to IAF chief Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha

    Facts about Akash Missile :-

    1. The Akash system has been developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)and Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) 
    2. The surface-to-air missile, has been prepared using 92 per cent of indigenous machinery, can be transported anywhere via road, water or air transport
    3. The missile system can target aircraft upto 30 km away, at altitudes upto 18,000 metres. It has the capability to neutralise aerial targets like fighter jets, cruise missiles and air-to-surface missiles 
    4. The advanced ECCM (Electronic Counter Counter Measures) features provide secure communication links with other Air Defence Command and Control networks to handle the counter electronic warfare scenario 
    5. Indigenous development of Akash system has given impetus to the defence industrial base of the country and generated business of more than Rs 20,000 crore 
    6. The missile, have a speed three times faster than that of sound, can hit eight targets at a time
  • Three new services launched by Karnataka Postal Circle

    Karnataka Postal Circle has launched three new services which will pave path for offering cashless services, pick-up services for mail and delivering cash at the doorsteps of senior citizens.The three services that have been launched are :-

    • CADDS: Cash Delivery at the Doorstep
    • Turant seva
    • Pick post

    CADDS: Cash Delivery at the Doorstep

    • This scheme has been exclusively launched for senior citizens through this scheme senior citizens who are account holders will able to get the postal staff to deliver the cash drawn from their accounts to their home.
    • They just have to call the post office, inform the postal staff the account number and the amount to be withdrawn and follow it up with en email.
    • All the calls will be recorded. The maximum amount that can be drawn is Rs. 20,000, while the transaction fee will be Rs. 20. 
    • Customers who wish to avail the service will have to register by paying one-time fee of Rs. 100

    Turant seva :-

    Through this scheme the payment for for 26 different kinds of counter service, such as sale of postage stamps, postal stationery, booking of registered, speed post, money orders etc., can be made through debit/ credit cards of any bank.

    Pick post :-

    Citizens can send an email to the post office or call the designated telephone number with a request for mail to be picked up from their office/ home. The nearest post office will be notified for the pickup.



  • Omar Sharif of Lawrence of Arabia dies at 83
    • Noted Egyptian actor Omar Sharif passed away due to a heart attack in Cairo. He was 83
    • He had given many international stardom as "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Doctor Zhivago"

    Facts about Omar Sharif:-

    • Omar Sharif was born as Michel Shalhoub in Alexandria, Egypt on 10 April 1932 
    • Omar Sharif studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Rada).
    • He made his screen debut in the 1954 Egyptian film Siraa Fil-Wadi (The Blazing Sun) and rapidly became a star in his own country
    • He won two Golden Globe awards and an Oscar nomination for his role as Sherif Ali in David Lean's 1962 epic Lawrence of Arabia
    • He won a further Golden Globe three years later for Doctor Zhivago.
    • In 2015, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Prince Saud Al Faisal world's longest serving foreign minister, passes away
    • Saudi Arabia's former foreign minister Prince Saud Al Faisal, the world's longest serving foreign minister passed away in United States. He was 75.
    • Prince Saud Al Faisal was the Saudi kingdom’s foreign minister for 4 decades (from 1975 to 2015). He had retired in April 2015 and was succeeded by Adel al-Jubeir.
    • Prince Saud worked closely with three Saudi kings – Khalid, Fahd, Abdullah and Salman and well regarded among the diplomatic community and a man with a good sense of humour,

    About Prince Saud Al Faisal :-

    • He was Born on January 2, 1940, in Taif, Al-Faisal and was the second son of King Faisal and Iffat Al-Thunayan. 
    • He attended the Hun School of Princeton and graduated from Princeton University in the US in 1963 with a bachelor of arts degree in economics
    • Prince Saud spoke seven languages, including Arabic, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Hebrew

    In his 40 years tenure as foreign minister he has seen various extreme events in Middle-East such as:-

    1. Invasion of Lebanon by Israel (1978, 1982 and 2006). 
    2. Eruption of Palestinian intifadas (1987 and 2000). 
    3. Invasion of Iran by Iraq (1980). 
    4. Invasion of Kuwait by Iraq (1990). 
    5. Occupation of Iraq by a US-led coalition (2003)

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