Current Affairs, News & Facts of 10 Jan 2015

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  • Planet hunter "NASA's Kepler Space Telescope" discovers its 1000 exoplanet.  
    • 'Exoplanet' is a planet that orbit; a star other than the Sun, stellar remnant, or brown dwarf. 
    • For this reason, it Is also called as extrasolar planet.
    • Kepler crossed the milestone on January 6, 2015 with the discovery of eight newly confirmed exoplanets, bringing the mission's tally to 1004. 
    • Of all the known exoplanets to date, half has been found by Kepler.
    • The telescope has also spotted 3200 additional planet candidates, with 90 percent of them close to being declared an exoplanet.
  • Yu Min - father of China's hydrogen bomb - is honoured with the country's top science award 'State Preeminent Science and Technology Award 2015'.  
    • China joined the nuclear club in 1964 with a successful atomic test and subsequently detonated its first hydrogen bomb in 1967.
    • Yu also contributed to 'miniaturisation of nuclear weapons, and achieved technological breakthroughs in the making of neutron bomb.
    • Started in 2000, its also called as China's Nobel Prize.
  • "Pravasi Bhartiya Samman 2015" is given to 15 persons.  
    • The honour - highest for any overseas Indian - is presented as a part of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas every year.
    • Overseas Indians, estimated to be around 25 million, are in virtually every country and region of the world.
  • Existing PIO Card Holders deemed to be OCI Card Holders from today. - read more cat
  • Creation of a new ‘Environment ManagementDirectorate in Railway Board.  
    • This Directorate would be responsible for ensuring effective utilization of water resources and conduct of energy and water audits and all matters related with environment management. 
    • Moreover, a 10-member Task Force has also been constituted for giving suggestions to improve productivity in Railway Operations, Manufacturing and other Departments of Indian Railways.
  • 'World Congress on International Law' kicks off in Delhi.  
    • Organised by the Indian Society of International Law (ISIL), the theme of the seminar is 'Relevance of International Law'.

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