Current Affairs, News & Facts of 09 Feb 2015

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  • India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal come together to finalize a Motor Vehicles Agreement (MVA) for a seamless transit of passenger and cargo vehicles among them. 
    • The agreement will enable passenger, personal and cargo vehicles to transit without the need for costly and time-consuming trans-shipment (loading and unloading) of goods and passengers at the border crossings.
    • It is expected to be signed at a meeting of Transport Ministers of the four countries to be held soon this year.
    • The economic corridor would also boost people to people contact apart from enhancing trade benefits.
  • Centre to create 3 sub-groups of Chief Ministers within NITI Aayog on following themes. 
    • Sub-group to study the 66 Centrally Sponsored Schemes and recommend which to continue, which to transfer to states, and which to cut down.
    • Sub-group to recommend how NITI Aayog can promote skill development and creation of skilled manpower within states.
    • Sub-group to decide on institutional mechanisms to be evolved, and technological inputs, for ensuring that commitment to Swachh Bharat becomes a part of our life.

    Each state has also been asked to form task forces under the Aayog.

    • One task force would focus on poverty alleviation.
    • While the other would focus on future development of agriculture in the state, and how the Centre can assist the state in this regard.
  • Centre to infuse Rs 6990 crores in 9 Public Sector Banks (PSBs) in the Current Year on basis of new criteria based on Efficiency Parameters. 
    • As per the new criteria, the banks which are more efficient would be rewarded with extra capital for their equity so that they can further strengthen their position.
  • National Awards for Excellence in Hospitality Education 2012-13 conferred. 
    • The annual awards were given in four categories including those to individual students for excellence in academic performance, Best Teachers Awards, Best Institute Award, and Special Awards.
    • It aims to recognize academic excellence in hospitality education.
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