Current Affairs, News & Facts of 08 Jul 2014

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  • Centre asks UNMOGIP to vacate its Delhi office; can continue its activity from Srinagar.  
    • United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) was meant to supervise the ceasefire line established under the Karachi Agreement of July 1949.
    • The free-of-charge government accommodation - 1AB, Purana Qila Road - a Type VII bungalow spread over 7000 square feet — was allotted to the UN mission on a temporary basis.
    • Its noteworthy that UNMOGIP’s primary role has been overtaken by the Simla Agreement and the consequent establishment of the Line of Control. 
    • India is now of the view that the UNMOGIP is no longer relevant or have a role to play; though they can resume their Srinagar-based office.
  • NASA to launch world's first flying observatory aboard a Boeing 747 jetliner in 2015.  
    • The telescope called “Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy” (SOFIA) will have a life-span of 20 years.
    • Its mobility will equip it to spot transient space events like supernovae and comets.
    • NASA says that the data provided by SOFIA cannot be obtained by any other astronomical facility on the ground or in space.
    • The telescope, built with the help from German Aerospace Centre (DLR), can easily be repaired or reprogrammed when necessary.
  • C Rangarajan panel revises poverty line at Rupees 32 per day in rural areas and Rupees 47 in Urban areas.   
    • It means that a person spending below the given marks should be considered a poor. 
    • The panel puts 29.5% of the population below the poverty line which is an improvement from 38.2% in 2009-10.  
    • Earlier, Tendulkar Committee report had set the poverty line at 26 and 33 rupees per day for rural and urban areas respectively.
  • Eduard Shevardnadze, former President of Georgia and a renowned Soviet Foreign Minister, is dead at 86.  
    • He was the diplomatic face of Mikhail Gorbachev’s liberalising policies of glasnost and perestroika.
    • He played key role in many decisions that brought the Cold War to end like withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan in 1989, signing of landmark arms control agreements, and in the German reunification in 1990. 
    • He also served as the 2nd President of Georgia from 1995 – 2003.
    • He was chased out of office following a series of public protests known as the Rose Revolution in the wake of electoral fraud during the 2003 legislative election.
  • Granville Austin, eminent scholar of the Indian constitution, passes away aged 87.  
    • His two books, "The Indian Constitution: Cornerstone of a Nation" (1966) and "Working a Democratic Constitution: The Indian Experience" (2000) gives the best account of formation, evolution and working of Indian Constitution.
    • He was awarded the Padma Shri in 2011 for his contribution.
  • Major General Delali Johnson Sakyi of Ghana is the new Chief Military Observer and head of the UNMOGIP (United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan).  
    • He replaces Young-Bum Choi of South Korea as such.
  • Wal-Mart is the largest company in the world by revenue: Fortune - read more cat

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