Current Affairs, News & Facts of 07 May 2014

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  • RBI allows minor above 10 years to independently open and operate savings bank accounts.  
    • Though banks are free to fix the minimum age and maximum balance of minor account holder. 
    • At present, banks allow minors (below 18) to operate bank accounts only along with a parent or a guardian. 
    • The measure is seen as a move to boost financial inclusion in the country.
  • England's Mark Selby stuns compatriot Ronnie O’Sullivan to win his maiden world snooker championship.  
    • He denied Ronnie O’Sullivan, the five-time world snooker champion, his third successive title having pipped him by 18-14 in the final.
  • Italian football club 'Juventus' clinches its 3rd successive, and 30th overall, Serie A title.  
    • Serie A is the premier championship of Italian football clubs.
  • Scientist discovers a new element with atomic number 117.  
    • The second-heaviest element ever created by humans after ununoctium (118) has temporarily been named "Ununseptium". 
    • It will soon get an official name and join the periodic table after the approval of International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). 
  • Supreme Court strikes down section 6A of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act (DSPEA) that warranted prior government sanction for probe against senior bureaucrats (above the rank of Joint Secretary) on corruption charges.  
    • The apex court ruled that status of bureaucrats is of no relevance to the offence under the provisions of Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA).
  • The Supreme Court revokes Karnataka government decision to make Kannada the mandatory medium of instructions in all primary schools in the state.  
    • The court criticised the attempt stating that government can't impose mother tongue on linguistic minority for imparting primary education.
  • BCCI suspends Rajasthan Cricket Association to avoid dealing with its newly elected president Lalit Modi; forms an ad-hoc body to run its cricket affairs.  
    • The former IPL commissioner was banned for life by BCCI in September 2013 for causing financial irregularities during his tenure as such.
  • Bharti Enterprises founder and chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal will co-chair this year’s edition of the World Economic Forum on Africa.   
    • Bharti Airtel, world’s fourth largest mobile operator, is the largest mobile operator in Africa in terms of geographical footprint.
    • The event, is to be held in Abuja (Nigeria) from May 7, has “Forging Inclusive Growth, Creating Jobs” as its theme.
  • US gets 10-year lease extension on Djibouti military base - read more cat

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