About Us

erewise.com is a revision web portal especially designed & dedicated to students who want to make it big in the world through their academic skills and talents.  We cater to the needs of those who seek career in high offices by cracking competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, Banking, State PCS and others by providing them with comprehensive and interactive learning contents that keep them abreast with the relevant news and events around the world in an appealing way.
Erewise is a venture of 'techlet solutions pvt ltd'; a Web Design and Development company based in Delhi, India  providing IT Solutions across India and Abroad.

Vision and Motivation:
Our vision is to give wings to the soaring hopes of aspirants and  help them realize that by providing with the 'landing platform'- Revision portal which is. We aspire to become the best indigenous revision web portal offering information and learning resources, at one place, essential to crack such exams in a get-it-all-at-one-place way. The motivation behind launching this service is to compile, process and reproduce the information resources; otherwise scattered and inaccessible, to our students in a compact and appealing way.

Our USP:
Erewise brings to your fingertips a world of information at one place, which are just a click away. We provide Information and evaluation-Useful for Civil Services, Banking, SSC and other aspirants who needs current affair feeds on a daily basis. It also enables aspirants to read news (category wise), related news & other relevant information. We, in order to help you judge where you stand with your preparations, have also come up with a daily feed of test papers comprising multiple choice questions. Erewise also provides free test series and Paid Test Papers with relevant standard questions; to test and improve your knowledge base. We, so as to stimulate your competitive spirit, publish all India weekly/monthly ranking based on your aggregate performance in the test seriesSince, we take into account your aggregate score, Its advisable to take the test daily to improve your chances to make it to the ranking.

Paid Tests : You can now access standard Model Test Papers for Civil Services, Banks, SSC and other exams from a number of established Coaching Institutions/ Individuals / Erewise Team at one place at the ease of a click and at a nominal charge.

What makes us stand out from the pack is our unique approach in which we present our features rich in content, presentation and worth. So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead! Believe in us, its really worth taking a look at!.. And we are sure you will relish the experience.