Indigenous anti-submarine corvette Kadmatt delivered to Indian Navy

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The second Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Corvette, 'Kadmatt', built indigenously by Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Limited, (GRSE)  under Project 28 has been formally handed over to Indian Navy at Kolkata. The Corvette is slated to be commissioned in January at Visakhapatnam, joining the Eastern Fleet.

Designed by the Directorate of Naval Design (DND), Kadmatt is nearly 90 percent indigenously-sourced and it will be capable of operating under nuclear, biological and chemical war theatres, acting as a highly sophisticated frontline warship of the Indian Navy.

Naming of the Corvette :- It has been named after an island in the Lakshadweep archipelago, Kadmatt.

Role :- The primary role of the INS Kadmatt is in anti submarine warfare – to protect ships in convoys and ports from enemy submarine attacks.

Kadmatt is a silent killer :-It has advanced stealth features, that significantly reduces her visibility to enemy vessels both above and below the ocean, it has been built with indigenously developed special grade high-tensile (DMR249A) steel produced by the Steel Authority of India. Kadmatt produces low levels of radiated underwater noise which reduces its chances of detection.

Other features:-

  1. The ship's propulsion system consists of two diesel engines to achieve a maximum speed of 25 knots. With a displacement of 3,500 tonnes, it has an endurance of about 3,500 nautical miles. It can accommodate 17 officers and 106 sailors and will also carry a helicopter onboard.
  2. It is equipped with a host of features including anti-aircraft guns, torpedoes and rocket launchers. The ship also has onboard early warning, navigation and fire control radars besides underwater sensors and integrated communication and electronic warfare systems.
  3. Kadmatt's armament includes heavy weight torpedoes, ASW rockets, medium range gun and close-in-weapon system comprising of two multi-barrel guns. The sensors of the warship include the advanced bow mounted sonar.


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