India’s first green police station inaugurated at New Delhi’s Maurice Nagar

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On the occasion of World Environment Day on Friday India’s first green police station was inaugurated by IPS Officer BS Bassi.The police station has various provisions for preservation and safety of environment.

  • The green police station has Medieval Indian Construction Methodology of applying coating of fresh lime, that will increase ‘Albedo’ and reduce the heat signature which leads to electrical power saving
  • Earthen pots and sprinklers have been installed to cool roof top structures using the concept of latent heat evaporation.Approximately 22.7 litres of water has the potential of equivalent to 3.5 ton per hour of centralised air conditioners that will reduce electrical power consumption over coolers, fans and ACs
  • Around 400 saplings have also been planted in the station premises with high carbon consuming capacity.In order to decrease consumption of electricity, all light fittings have been changed to LED lights. Fans rated five-star have also been installed in the station 

Biodegradable toilets:-

  • Biodegradable toilets that are sourced from Wockhardt Foundation decompose solid waste into water and biogas that can be used for gardening. “Biodegradable-toilet is an environment friendly toilet. There is a bio tank under the ground that has bacteria. When the human waste comes in contact with the bacteria, it consumes the waste and releases biogas and water. 
  • While a normal toilet will have an outlet for urine that further goes to a water body through sewage and that is why water-borne diseases are spreading,Biodegradable toilets are  toilets are sludge free, maintenance free, hazard free, eco-friendly, free disposal of human waste and eliminates the need for manual scavenging decomposes solid waste to water and bio gas.
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