Current Affairs, News & Facts of 24 Mar 2014

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  • President Abdulla Yameen's coalition (his party Progressive Party of Maldives + Jumhoory Party) seizes majority in Maldive's Parliamentary elections securing 54 out of the 85 seats.  
    • The chief opponent and former president Mohamed Nasheed's Maldives Democratic Party could only bag 24 seats thus losing it current majority.
    • The elections were seen as challenge to President Yameen's government as they were held under controversy due to removal (jail) of head and Deputy of Election Commission by Supreme Court which was seen as undermining independence of Election Commission.
  • Physicist Rajesh Gopakumar has been conferred on the 'GD Birla Award for scientific research 2013'.   
    • The 1.5 lakh rupees award recognizes his significant contributions on topics in Quantum Field Theory and String Theory.
    • The prize was instituted in 1991 to honour exemplary scientific research undertaken by Indian scientists (under the age of 50) working in India.
  • World Tuberculosis Day 2014 is being observed across the world on March 24.  
    • The theme for this year is "Reach the three million: A TB test, treatment and cure for all".
    • The day is celebrated to create awareness about and renew the efforts to fight off this global epidemic which claims about 1.7 million people each year, mostly in the developing countries.
  • Lt Commander Abhilash Tomy, Major Mahesh Kumar and Wing Commander Darryl Castelino (posthumously) honoured with Kirti Chakra gallantry award.  
    • President also gave 10 Shaurya Chakras (5 posthumously), 15 Param Vishist seva medals, 2 Uttam Yudh Seva Medals, two Bar to Ati Vishisht Seva Medals and 22 Ati Vishisht Seva Medals to personnel of the Armed Forces for their distinguished service of an exceptional order.
  • Protests in Taiwan against signing of Trade agreement with Mainland China ; protesters occupy government offices/Parliament/ streets.
    • 64 Service sector would be opened for China while China will open 80 of its service sector
    • while Pro China President Ma Ying-jeou asserts it will bring export competitiveness (and facilitate entry into US led 12 country Trans Pacific Partnership trade block) and consequential prosperity, locals fear that it will hurt badly the local small service companies.
    • Taiwan is an independent and democratic country ruled separately from China since 1949 when Communist regime took over China. However China still considers it as its breakaway Province and asserts a policy - "One Country, Two System" on world stage. Majority of countries, including India, agrees to this policy owing to economic might of China.
  • World observes 'World Meteorological Day 2014' on March 23 with the theme “Weather and climate: engaging youth".   
    • The convention creating the World Meteorological Organization had come into force on this very day in 1950. 
  • Two more massive statues of Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep-iii found and unveiled in Luxor city of Egypt-- the ancient Egyptian city of Thebis which was the capital of Egypt during New Kingdom (16-11 centuary BC/ 18-20th Dynasties of Egypt).
    • Luxor - located on the West Bank of Nile, it houses Temple complexes (also at Karnak) of Egyptian Kings.
    • Luxor is already world renowed for Memnon colossi- 3400 year old twin statues of Amenhotep-iii in seated position
    • Very near but opposite to Luxor is Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens : Valleys where Royal Tombs are located 


  • Adolfo Suarez, Spain's first Prime Minister (in 1975) post the regime of General Francisco Franco, is dead.
    • General Francisco Franco : Millitary dictator of Spain from 1939 to 1975 (till his death) who came to power following removal of elected Spanish government in Spanish Civil War (July 1936 - April1939)
    • Following Franco's death, King Juan Carlos (Franco's successor) favoured transition to democracy which was efficiently executed by Suarez whose brilliant conciliatory skills oversaw Legalisation of political parties, framing of Constitution and finally its approval through referendum in 1978.
  • Panasonic unveils the world's largest TV "Big Hoss". The giant device has the dimension of 218 feet by 94.6 feet.
  • Assam Rifles celebrates its 179th anniversay : founded in 1835 it is India's Oldest Para Military Force.
    • Present Duty : guards the Indo- Myanmar border
    • Past laurels: took part in both World Wars, Indo- China, Indo- Pak and Operation Pawan (1987 in Srilanka : operation by the Indian Peace Keeping Force to take control of Jaffna from LTTE).
  • Fundamental Physics Prize 2014. - read more cat

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