Current Affairs, News & Facts of 12 Jul 2014

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  • Indian mathematician Nikhil Srivastava becomes the first joint winner of 2014 George Polya Prize.  
    • His team of three was honoured for unravelling a problem which had eluded mathematicians for over half a century.
    • They found solution to the Kadison-Singer conjecture that pertains to the mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics.
    • The biennial George Polya Prize is given alternately in two categories: for a notable application of combinatorial theory; and for a notable contribution in another area of interest like as approximation theory, complex analysis, number theory, orthogonal polynomials, probability theory, mathematical discovery and learning.
    • It was instituted in 1969 to honour the Hungarian mathematician "Polya" who is known for his fundamental advances in combinatorics, numerical analysis, number theory and probability theory.
  • Delhi is the second most populous city in the world: UN - read more cat
  • US plans to create the world's largest marine sanctuary in Pacific Ocean.  
    • The plan is to expand the existing Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument in the central Pacific from around 225,000 to 2 million square kilometers.
    • The largest protected area on the earth - either on land or sea - will be two times larger than the currently largest protected area located in Greenland. 
  • World Population Day 2014 is observed across the globe on July 11.  
    • The event highlights the issues related to global population. 
    • The theme for this year is "Investing in Young People". 
    • It was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 1989. 
  • MP Bezbaruah Committee, constituted to examine the concerns of migrants from North East regions due to racial discriminaion, submits its report.  
    • It was set up after the racially-inspired brutal murder of Nido Tania, a 19-year-old student from Arunachal Pradesh, in Delhi in January.

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